Our Founder

Swapnil Dangarikar is an avid art and culture enthusiast who wanted to bring glory back to ancient workout equipments. The traditional Indian workout has been a tried and tested science for thousands of years. It shares culture with places like Iran where similar practices are followed and equipments used.

TGIW (The Great Indian Workout) was started in September 2020 with the aim of standardising this field and creating a brand that offers quality products and promotes them throughout the world. Starting from his home, now we are a growing startup spread on a 1000 sq ft area of manufacturing setup cum store based in Nasik, western India. Nasik has a strong culture of Taalims (akhara), one of which, Dandekar Dixit, has been the starting point for Swapnils personal journey into this field.

Learning the mudgar, the taalim gada and 'houda' here, helped him understand the benefits of these workout techniques and how long lasting these are. He soon realised that others around him had never used any of these and never been to a taalim. So there was a lot of new generation that had only heard about it or seen it somewhere. It was necessary to make the new generation relate to these equipments and workout techniques by offering these products in the modern way yet being traditional. Hence, TGIW workout was born and is growing.

We thank our thousands of customers for their support in our growth journey and helping keep our traditions alive. More than a business, its a passion for Swapnil.